About Us

Alshoura Law Firm was founded in 2011 by SH.Hamad Al Khalifa in kingdom of Bahrain which provides professional attorney ship and legal counseling services in English and Arabic languages for its local and foreign clients about the issues of Company Law Counselling in Bahrain, Company Formation in Bahrain, Civil Law, Criminal Law and Defense Attorney, Family Law, Legislation, Commercial Law, Execution and Bankruptcy  Law, Debt Collection, Liquidation, Recognition and Enforcement, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Unfair Competition, Trademark and Patent Registration, Recognition and Law, Real Estate, Internet Law,

Alshoura Law Firm believing the necessity of taking precautions before a problem appears is continuously in contact with its clients in order to prevent all the possible mistakes relating to law activities and execute operations as soon as possible.

Alshoura Law Firm observes and researches all the registrations, data and documents relating to the law subject, and regularly informs its clients about the current situations. Alshoura Law Firm, following all the laws and legal works, informs its clients about the new laws in order to prevent any negative outcomes and executes all these workings within a legal scope.

In summary, Alshoura Law Firm is an indispensable solution partner for companies and individuals in terms of law.

Alshoura Law Firm has strategically partnership with many famous law firms in Council (GCC), which covers its client’s safe environment to deal in any country of the Gulf (GCC)

Our Family

Our office of interconnected single-family consists complement each other work in order to achieve our principles and in accordance with the provisions of law and justice, and our family is made up of:

  • CEO lawyer Sheikh Hamad bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (Partner).
  • Executive Director Adviser Ahmed Ramadan (Partner).
  • Legal Department.
  • Three lawyers.
  • Four advisers.
  • Chartered Accountant.
  • Driver and Courier Office.

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Tel: +97317540 004