Practice Areas

Corporate Commercial

Incorporation, registration and publication of all types of companies (W.L.L)

Registration and Ratification

  • Registration of international agencies.
  • Registration of trademarks.
  • Registrations of patents.
  • Ratification of all transactions and international correspondences of embassies, ministries and agencies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and other Middle Eastern Countries.

Contracting & Agreements

Forming, reviewing, drafting, leasing contracts and civil contracts. Forming, reviewing and drafting government contracts. Forming, reviewing and drafting employment contracts and internal work regulations for companies and institutions. Forming reviewing and drafting commercial contracts, debts settlement and amicable settlements. Forming reviewing and drafting of agreement of settling local & international disputes. Forming, reviewing and drafting investments, insurance and sponsorships contracts. Forming, reviewing and drafting of sale, purchase and mortgage contracts. Forming, reviewing and drafting construction, drilling and engineering contracts. Forming reviewing and drafting oil, gas and power generation contracts.

Debt Collection

Lowest Commercial Rates for Debt Recovery

We offer the lowest contingent rates available in the industry. When we collect your money, we take a small portion for our efforts. If we are unable to recover your money, we do not charge you for the attempt.

Real state/ Construction

Our real estate/construction group is built on the foundations of lawyers who can think outside the box, whilst drawing on in-depth legal knowledge and experience in the construction and real estate sector. They can therefore face the legal challenges of such major projects.

Involved in some of the biggest construction projects in the world, in the Middle East, Europe and beyond, our real estate/construction group has consistently been recognized for its ability to provide legal advice that, like the projects it is based on, stands the trial of time.

Legal Advice

We have the ability to provide diverse legal advice in all branches of law (labor, criminal, commercial, corporate, intellectual property, air and sea fright, civil) to individuals, civil and commercial companies, and unions, political and social associations.


We provide all legal communications services, General Telecommunications Framework .

Privatization and Public Law

State provision of services and utilities is still relatively common in the Middle East. Nevertheless, private enterprise is taking an increasing role in the provision of services as privatisation and Public Private Partnerships.

With extensive experience in privatisation matters, especially as relates to the Telecoms sector, and experience advising both government and private enterprise, our firm can assist clients with privatisation projects, including the legislative framework and privatisation process.

Alshoura Law Firm has strategically partnership with many famous law firms in Council (GCC), which covers its client’s safe environment to deal in any country of the Gulf (GCC)

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